Motivational Expert Donnie Moore Speaks to U.S. Men’s National Team

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Time to get motivated with the U.S. men’s soccer team? Actually, the title of this article should include, “don’t pay attention to his track suit and or hair, just listen to the motivational words that come out of his mouth”.

Donnie Moore’s almost got an Incredible Hulk thing going on with the feats of strength and the wristbands. And yes, the warm ups he’s wearing catch the eye along with his sort of 80s style hair, but he’s speaking the truth. It’s all part of his shtick. BELIEVE IN YOURSELF!

The United States national team met with motivational expert Donnie Moore ahead of their first match against Jamaica to get a little insight on setting goals and using your mind to overcome the body while achieving your goals. While the talk had a lot of exciting visuals, the message of the need to work hard to achieve your goals was clear.

Yes, he’s about to tear apart two phone books and bend a frying pan into a burrito:


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