Ederson Long Ball to Haaland

Ederson assist to Haaland. One a rope. A laser pass. Whatever you want to call it, the long ball by Ederson to Haaland was perfect. But part of the reason I’m even posting this video is to give Ederson more credit. The Manchester City keeper is more know for his desire to play in the midfield sometimes or maybe his neck tattoo.

And the other Brazilian keeper, Allisson, gets more credit for his passing and service than Ederson does. Ederson is the keeper who really every other keeper in the world wishes they could play like. In terms of his ability to use his feet to control the soccer ball and start the attack for his team.

See the Ederson long ball to Haaland in the video below.

From ESPN, here is a good look at the pass in two images. Haaland knows Ederson can get the ball to him so he makes the run near the halfway line.