Enzo Fernandez Goal Versus Mexico

Fernandez goal versus Mexico: A step over and then Fernandez whips the soccer ball into the upper corner. You have to say that Erick Gutierrez gets beat badly here by Fernandez. As a defender, in the box, he’s got to hold his ground and just keep Fernandez in front of him and not fall for any fakes.

It’s Fernandez’s first goal for his country. What a way to do it. This is only Fernandez’s fifth game playing for Argentina – his 5th cap. To score a goal like this. Incredible. In his celebration he’s almost in disbelief. Plus, he gets a hug by Messi! I don’t think this is the last goal that Fernandez scores in the World Cup in Qatar for Argentina.

Fernandez’s goal comes in the 87th minute. He could have just tried to kill the game off and dribble the ball into the corner or play the ball back to Messi. Smartly he must know or have been told they need more goals. For Argentina, perhaps this goal could be a crucial goal difference boost they will need to go through if they can’t score enough goals versus Poland.

Mexico’s Guillermo Ochoa has no chance though. The soccer ball is hit with too much pace.

Argentina manager Lionel Scaloni deserves credit for adding Fernandez to the Argentina World Cup team and putting him into the game in the 57 minute! See the Fernandez goal versus Mexico in the video below. There is still hope for Messi to win a World Cup title.

Here’s what Messi said about Enzo’s goal:

“I’m not surprised by Enzo. I know him and I see him train every day. He deserves it because he’s a spectacular player.”