Cristiano Ronaldo Phantom Header

Cristiano Ronaldo phantom header: Did Cristiano Ronaldo get his head on this Bruno Fernandes cross? Ronaldo surely will claim he did! He certainly celebrated like he did. And despite his age, Ronaldo can still get up in the air. He’s got hops.

It was Bruno’s goal though. And his first World Cup goal!

A bit more hair, or hair gel, and Cristiano Ronaldo scores that header. It looks like the Uruguay keeper Sergio Rochet is anticipating a Ronaldo header. Waiting for it.

So maybe Ronaldo should get a half point for this goal by Fernandes. Rochet is thrown off a bit by Ronaldo rising into the air and he anticipates that he’ll get a head on the ball. A header in which he then might have saved.

Next game Ronaldo is going to wear some headgear so this doesn’t happen again! It’s more of a phantom header from Ronaldo. The soccer ball doesn’t change its flight path.

Via SkySports: “Adidas have confirmed no contact was made between the World Cup match ball and Cristiano Ronaldo, thanks to a 500Hz IMU sensor and Connected Ball Technology housed in Adidas’s Al Rihla used in the tournament.”

Alejandro Moreno of ESPN also made an excellent point about the Cristiano Ronaldo phantom header – if Ronaldo had in fact got his head on the ball he would have done his famous ‘Siiiii’ goal celebration.

See the Cristiano Ronaldo phantom header in the video below.

It was very close but Ronaldo just misses the ball with his head. A goal either way though for Portugal and surely that’s all Ronaldo cares about, right.