Eric Dier Arms Behind Back Defending on Ronaldo

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Eric Dier Arms Behind Back Defending

Why do English Premier League defenders still put their arms behind their backs when defending? I know their trying to avoid drawing a penalty kick due to a handball but why not just try to prevent the goal itself! This time it was Tottenham’s Eric Dier putting his arms behind his back just as Manchester United’s Cristiano Ronaldo was about to strike the ball.

And here, isn’t Dier outside the goal box? Looks like he’s at the edge of the circle at the top of the box. Yes, he might have drawn a dangerous free kick for Ronaldo at the this spot but not a penalty kick. Even if the ball hit his arm it wouldn’t have been a penalty. It just slows defenders down when they do this. Below this perhaps the best image of Eric Dier arms behind back defending.

Dier Arms Behind Back

Yes, it all happens so fast, but that’s just why it’s hindering their defending. The motion and effort to put their arms behind their back inhibits their ability to block the shot or force the attacker to think more about taking the shot. I wonder what Ronaldo thinks about this. I’m sure it loves it when defenders do this when he’s setting up for a shot.

Dier Defending Ronaldo

Here are all three of Cristiano Ronaldo’s goals, including the first strike where Dier is putting his arms behind his back as seen in the top image. Ronaldo netted all three of Manchester United’s goals to give the Red Devils a wild win over Tottenham with just his second career Premier League hat trick, his first since 2008.

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