Australian Goalkeeper Dances in Shootout

Australian dancing goalkeeper: Australia advances to the World Cup in nail-biting fashion, defeating Peru in a penalty shootout thanks to a game-winning save. See Australian goalkeeper dances before each Peruvian penalty kick to try to throw them off. Andrew Redmayne actually comes on just before the end of extra time – a super sub – and comes through for Australia and puts them into the World Cup.

Top image credit goes to Fox Soccer.

But was Redmayne’s antics and dancing really that effective? Peru had made its penalty kicks, except for hitting the post and then the last one. I don’t think I have every seen a keeper do something like this before, dancing and kicking his legs out across the goal mouth before a player steps up to shoot.

Australian goalkeeper Andrew Redmayne dancing and antics put Australia in the World Cup.

The ESPN FC crew react to Australia advancing to the World Cup after their win over Peru and the Australian goalkeeper dances during penalty kicks. You have to feel bad for Peru to go out this way, especially what with so many Peruvian fans making the journey to Qatar to see the game. Soccer and shootouts are tough sometimes though.

Since Australia won maybe this will become a trend for goalkeepers on penalty kicks and in shootouts in particular. Let’s hope not! While I understand a certain amount of gamesmanship is effective, as in when the Peruvian goalkeeper took his time drinking his water to force Australia’s kicker to restart his penalty kick routine, this dancing and moving across the goal is a circus act!

I wonder if we’ll see more goalkeepers dancing like this before penalty kicks. Trends seems to happen in soccer fairly often, one team has their player lie down behind the wall and other teams copy it. Players put their hand behind their backs to avoid a hand ball and other players copy it.