John Harkes Goal for Sheffield Wednesday

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The Harkes laser shot that beat Peter Shilton has been brought back up in the online soccer world, what with Dempsey’s rocket of a volley shot. I’d have to say Dempsey’s goal was better, since he really makes something out of nothing after playing a header give and go and hitting the ball before it touches the ground.

However, Harkes goal in the video below is a quite a blast and earned him the goal of the year honors. How far out was he when he hits the shot? It’s got to be at least forty yards away. And it was his first goal in England.

But if you want to base this on the hair cut, Harkes has Dempsey beat for sure. Is that a mullet or a tail or what? I guess Harkes was going for the Chris Waddle hair style. But when you score a goal like this for Sheffield you can wear your hair anyway you like. It’s a world class goal the American John Harkes.

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