Henry Goal Against Valencia

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For a time, I thought Barcelona had made a mistake in signing Thierry Henry. I didn’t think they needed him. They were stacked as it was. He was unnecessary.

But with each game it seems like Henry is settling into the side more and more. And, at such a big club like Barcelona, who play so many games throughout the year, they need a deep and strong bench. Now however, it looks like Henry is up to his old tricks, running wild on the wings as he did at Arsenal, and it will be tough to leave him out of the starting lineup. I still favor Eto’o ahead of Henry, and don’t think Barca can start the two, but who knows, they just might. Either way though, at this point, this is an unstoppable club.

In just six passes Barcelona race up the field and Henry finishes the play after Hleb sets him up perfectly. And Messi isn’t even in the play. Actually, it’s probably because Valencia was so worried about Messi that this sequence of passes comes off so easily.

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