Lionel Messi’s Amazing Leopard Sweats

Messi’s leopard sweats? I don’t know what you really call it even. Is it a jumpsuit or a onesie or just sweats. It’s amazing whatever it is though. Lionel Messi wearing a red leopard outfit while posing with Romeo Beckham is amazing. Messi looks pretty comfortable you have to say in his red leopard onesie too. If you’re the greatest footballer ever to play the game you can wear a leopard onesie if you feel like it.

Still though, this seems more of a retired Messi kind of outfit. Just don’t have Messi lying down behind the wall anymore while he plays for PSG. I wonder if Messi goes back to Barcelona now that Xavi is the manager. Or does Lionel Messi head off to play for Romeo’s Dad, who happens to own MLS team Inter Miami?

And when do we see Luis Suarez and Messi in matching leopard sweat suits drinking mate. Wouldn’t be surprised to see this two former Barcelona stars and legends go to play in the MLS in Miami together. Maybe that’s why Romeo was meeting with Messi. He’s acting as the agent for his Dad’s club.

Update: Apparently Messi is wearing sweats, a top and bottom from Dolce & Gabbana. The leopard-print sweatshirt costs just $1,295. Not sure how much the bottom Dolce & Gabbana leopard sweats are….to me though it still seems like a onesie.

Credit goes to Romeo Beckham for the image above. ESPN FC tweeted out this picture of Romeo and Messi’s leopard sweats. Surely next time the two take a picture together they will both be wearing a leopard themed sweat suit! And yes, Romeo Beckham is pretty tall at least when he’s standing next to Messi.