Federico Valverde Is Very FAST

Real Madrid’s Federico Valverde takes the soccer ball from his own defensive end and sprint dribbles the ball up the field and rips the ball into the upper corner. Valverde is just very fast, especially when he starts to pick up speed. There is no catching Valverde once he’s past you.

Valverde is Haaland FAST. Or maybe better said Valverde has Kylian Mbappe’s super sonic speed. And this sprint dribble goal reminds you of Son Heung-Min’s dribbling run. Kids, young soccer players, practice the sprint dribble at the park and you’ll be surprised when you’re in a real game and it becomes useful.

I don’t think Valverde gets enough credit for just how good and important he is for Real Madrid. He’s tireless and constantly running up and down the soccer field. Stopping attacks and winning the ball on defense and then breaking out on the wing to start the attack and score goals like this. Mallorca’s defenders can only try to push or knock down Valverde but it’s too late he’s gone.

And I like Valverde’s new bleached hair with all white Real Madrid uniform – he’s like a ghost running past you! As they say, speed kills and Valverde has some pace. In Qatar for the World Cup in the coming months Valverde will be a key figure in Uruguay’s attack.