How To Read The Game Like Kante

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Kante Chelsea

We are going over how to read the game like Ngolo Kante in this video covering how he is able to seemingly be everywhere at once and make the plays that he ends up making! If you want to build your soccer team around one player then find some like Kante, although that is hard to do! Kante is one of those midfielders who does all the hard work and running so other players can score goals.

As one commenter said: Two-thirds of the Earth’s surface is covered with water. The other third is covered by N’Golo Kanté. On average, Kante runs over seven miles per game. But Kante is also very smart and positions himself to win balls and stop attacks before they start.

The reason why Leicester City won the league in 2016 is in large part to how much of the soccer field Kante can cover. Kante left Leicester and the club struggled and then Chelsea won the league in 2017 after Kante joined.

And Kante is a big reason why France went to the finals in Euro 2016 and finally the reason why France won the World Cup in 2018. That’s quite a track record for a player in a short amount of time. While he’s not as well known as say Pogba, he’s the engine that runs the team.

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