How to Kick an In Swerve

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Kicking an “in swerve” in soccer is used to cross the ball and have it come towards the goalie. Many times an in-swerve cross is nearly a shot on goal.  When you see players trying to bend the ball into the goal off a corner kick they are using an in-swerve technique – wrapping their foot around the ball with the inside of the foot to bend the ball into the goal. The ball is bent towards the goal much like taking a shot.

If it was an “out swerve” cross the ball would travel away from the keeper. The bending ball is what causes trouble though as it’s hard to read and only takes a slight touch from the attacker to put it on frame. Find out how to kick an “in swerve” with tips from a professional soccer player in this free video on soccer.

In-swerve: ball is going in towards the goal – into the keeper.
Out-swerve: ball is going away from the goal – away from the keeper.

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