Learn How to Do the Henry Fake Shot or Pass

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Let’s learn how to do the Henry fake shot or pass. Act like you’re going to shoot the ball but instead kick the ball with your standing foot. It’s tough to get a lot of power when shooting or kicking with the standing foot, so the pass after the fake will have to be more of a short pass or layoff.

In the video Henry does the trick in a game, where he passes to Robert Pires down the line. This trick can be done if you’re going to shoot or pass the ball. Here’s a good demonstration video. Some people call it the switch pass but it’s more a fake pass or shot and then laying the ball off.

The Thierry Henry Switch Pass, is a simple and basic skill move that you can use in high level games and low level soccer games. This skill has three steps: the first step is to hit the ball with your weaker foot and follow thru with you strong foot. The second step is to sell to your mark making him believe you are playing it to the opposite side. The third and final step is to follow thru with your strong foot.

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