How to Play Like Franck Ribery

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If there’s a player that’s the most similar to the legendary Zidane, it’s Franck Ribery. The little Frenchmen dribbles, spins and cuts much like Zidane. Yet Ribery does all this perhaps a bit faster than Zidane. Not that Ribery is better than Zidane, he’s certainly a top class player, but Zidane is just in a class all is own.

It’s just that Ribery is a quick and speedy player, whereas Zidane was more smooth. They both play soccer as if they’re teasing the other team to try to take the ball from. Like it’s some big game of keep away, and then when they feel like it they play that mesmerizing pass that wins the game for their team.

But again, Ribery though plays at a energizer bunny like pace. Tirelessly he moves from one side of the field to the other, with great control, touch, and acceleration he then explodes into space.

Ribery is one of those maestros or playmakers. He’s the player that makes things happen, whether it’s dribbling at players to create an opportunity for a teammate or scoring a goal himself. Ribery is a player that will scrap and fight for a win. He’ll do whatever it takes to get the goal or create the goal scoring chance.

Favorite Ribery moves: touch the ball around the defender, chop the ball back, pull the ball back with the sole of the foot, step overs, and then just the slow, slow and then blow past the defender move.

Keys to playing like Ribery:

  • Strong on the ball
  • Change of pace
  • Dribbling at speed
  • Sees the whole field
  • Takes players on

Ribery Top Ten Goals

Ribery Tricks & Goals

A few tricks, some great goals and a few penalty kicks by Ribery.

What might be surprising about a smaller player like Ribery, is that he can shoot with tremendous power and isn’t afraid to shoot from distance. Really, I don’t think Ribery is afraid of much of anything.

Another one of Ribery’s great qualities is he dribbles at exceptional speed with the ball. He will fly down the wings and then slow down to draw the defender closer and then burst past the defender again. That must be his favorite move, the slow lull the defender to sleep and then leave them in the dust as the dribbles by them.

All in all, Ribery is very deceptive with the ball, one minute you thing he’s going to dribble to the inside and then the next minute he’s speeding down the wing. He’s a player you can pin down. He’s small but he can shield the ball from the biggest and strongest players. He doesn’t seem that fast but soon enough he’s gone past you before you know it. And again, Ribery was always strong on the soccer ball and able to shield it and protect it despite his size.

To play like Ribery you must develop a confidence on the bal, a change of pace, the ability to shoot with power and accuracy, and then the desire to fight for your team and win games.

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