How to Play Like Jack Wilshere

Jack Wilshere has been called the new savior of English football. At just 19 he has already earned a call up to the English national team and been compared to Paul Gascoigne and Paul Scholes.

What’s more though is that Wilshere is growing into a player who not only can play in the deeper, sitting midfielder role, where he spreads the ball around, but also as an attacking midfielder, taking players on, cutting inside, and scoring goals.

Arsenal coach Arsene Wenger on Wilshere:

“He’s a box-to-box player, more than just a holding midfielder. But to be honest he can play in any position across the midfield. He can play behind the striker because he can penetrate.”

Wilshere became the youngest player to appear in the league for Arsenal at the age of 16 years and 256 days when they played against Blackburn.

Wilshere had this to say about his focus on getting better and improving:

“It’s not as easy as just having skill; you have to put the training hours in, make sacrifices. When your friends are going out, you have to say no.”

Wilshere plays the game very simply, knowing what he wants to do with the ball before he gets it. At the same time though, he can dribble and slip away from pressure. So, how do you play like Jack Wilshere? These are some of the qualities that you’ll have to adopt if you aspire to play like Wilshere.

  • Keep the game simple
  • Master the ball, juggling, dribbling, crossing, passing with both feet
  • Be a fighter and never give up
  • Superb technical ability on the ball
  • Pass and move
  • Always look to get the ball and help your teammates get out of pressure (ask for the ball all the time)
  • Desire to win ever time you step out on the field

Some of had said that Wilshere has a fiery temper, and that could be a detriment to his development. However, this temper and aggression is also a sign of passion and a desire to win.

And, some have said that he’s too small. He’s only 5 ft 6 in tall and weighs 150 pounds. But look at Xavi, Iniesta, Messi, and Scholes, all players who everyone said they were too small. So it’s no surprise that Wilshere wanted to exchange jerseys with both Messi and Xavi after their Champions League match and is looking to get Iniesta’s jersey on the return leg.

Take a look at these highlights, The Jack Wilshere Show:

And Arsene Wenger also had this to say about the Arsenal midfielder:

“He has a Spanish technique certainly, yes,” said Wenger. “He has an English heart because he’s an English boy.

“He takes everything at the moment with a cool head, that’s what I like. At his age you want to play and play again and show what you are. What I like as well is he isn’t fazed by the occasion; he’s not inhibited and just plays free off his chest which is fantastic.” 

Extra: What soccer cleats does Jack Wilshere wear? No other than the Nike CTR360 Maestri, and he also sports a tattoo under his left forearm. Can’t quite make out what it is though in this picture.