Jadon Sancho Wears His Socks Up High

When did the soccer socks up high trend start? Which soccer star was the first to start doing it? It might just be Neymar who started it all. Neymar loves to wear his socks well up and over his knees, like leggings almost. You’d think it’d be a bit constricting, you know, with the socks well over the knees.

Here’s Sancho with his socks up over his knees playing for Manchester United.


The socks up high trend continues with the up and coming soccer stars, like Dortmund’s Jadon Sancho, who too wears his socks Neymar like high up and over his knees. And it doesn’t stop him from making defenders look silly. So, yeah, if Neymar and Sancho are wearing their socks up this high might be something to try.

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