James Milner Dummy to Salah

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James Milner Dummy to Salah

Perhaps not as graceful as Lionel Messi’s dummy to Griezmann, but Milner’s dummy to Salah is just as genius. What’s more, it is Milner who wins the ball and starts the give and go and then leaves it for Salah.

Who knew how much Liverpool needed James Milner in their side to turn the team’s struggling ways around. Milner is perhaps one of the most “boring” players in all of football. I mean that time Messi nutmegged Milner is quite well known as his claim to fame. Perhaps unjustifiably, as Messi has nutmegged nearly everyone.

I’ve even said Milner might not stand out on your Sunday league team. But Milner is a pro. His last name even seems appropriate. Like a miner underground just working. Here though is a touch of brilliance and style from Milner. Well, maybe not so balletically done as Messi but the dummy works and that’s all that matters.

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