Kylian Mbappé Nearly Pulls Off a Rabona Chip Shot

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Mbappe Rabona Shot

With Paris Saint-Germain up 6-1, Mbappe tried to bend the ball around the keeper with a behind the leg rabona style shot. It was like chipping the keeper more, with a rabona shot, which is usually his teammate Di Maria’s, specialty. It was certainly audacious and get you up out of your seat kind of genius, but it was also perhaps unwarranted since they were winning so handsomely or maybe that was reason enough to just go for it.

See Jonathan Calleri’s Amazing Rabona Goal

Hard to say really. You love to see it and understand at the same time how the other team might feel. The look on the defender’s face rushing back says it all as he stares down Mbappe. However, tricks and the surprise shots are what make soccer / football the beautiful game. The dummy by Neymar off the pass wasn’t bad either. It was a lovely counter attack. The rabona shot was on. Mbappe nearly scored. If he had scored it might have broken the Internet.

Full game highlights right this way. PSG playing in the French league might not just be fair to all the other teams.PSG demolishes Saint-Etienne by putting up 6 goals and advances to the Coupe de La Ligue semifinals. Again, the Mbappe rabona try comes at the end of the game.

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