Mbappe’s Foot Drag Move

Paris Saint-Germain’s new signing Mbappe drags his foot over the ball and makes Bayern Munich defender David Alaba look silly in a Champions League match no less. In the image above, Mbappe is about to make Alaba look very silly.

Mbappe makes like he’s going to take a shot but instead drags his foot over the ball and goes past Alaba on the dribble, who turns his back to block the shot. It’s the kind of move you really only see when players are messing around say in warm ups, it’s hard to drag your foot over the ball and keep moving forward at speed, but Mbappe makes it look easy.

I don’t think Alaba will forget this for a while. Neymar picks up the rebound after Mhappe’s shot and smashes it home.

Watch: Mbappe destroys David Alaba with his foot drag fake shot move – PSG vs Bayern Munich. 8 Year old Kylian Mbappè destroying Bayern Munich with his drag move and his incredible speed. Again, it’s the change of pace that kills defenders when you do a move. Mbappe is so young and so talented. This new fake shot and foot drag is just one of his many soccer skills.