Linda Caicedo Goal Versus Germany

Linda Caicedo dances around two defenders to score versus Germany. Caicedo is perhaps the best young player in the 2023 World Cup tournament. Watch the dazzling finish from Caicedo in the video below. The Colombian 18-year-old Caicedo will score many more incredible goals like this I’m sure in the future.

You can see why she plays for Real Madrid. Their scouts are very wise to recognize her potential. She has impressive skills on the soccer ball while under pressure in the box. Moreover, Caicedo is showing calmness and skills in the box against one of the best women’s soccer teams in the world. She is going to become a star.

The German defenders don’t want to dive in and get beat so they don’t try to win the ball from Caicedo. But she just switches the ball from one foot to the other and bends the ball into the far corner.

Additionally, in the box, the defenders are worry about conceding a penalty kick. They don’t want to foul Caicedo. They give her too much time though!

Also, strangely I think, one German defender has her hands behind her back while trying to defend Caicedo. She worries about a hand ball off of a shot by Caicedo. This just holds her back from being able to defend though, I think. The other defender isn’t goal side enough either. There’s space for Caicedo to slip through and she does.

The two German defenders are: Svenja Huth and Sara Daebritz. With Huth coming in late to try to surround Caicedo and win the ball. And Daebritz with her arms behind her back trying to defend and keep Caicedo in front of her.

Incredibly, Caicedo collapsed at training prior to this match versus Germany. The Colombian coach told ESPN it was due to stress and exhaustion.

“It’s just an incident, she was tired,” Abadia said. “She was a bit stressed as well, because she was playing in her first World Cup … [which] has great relevance. And she’s 18 years of age. She’s a girl as far as football goes. But she has a great capacity and great character to assimilate all of this.

“That is why she’s one of the players in the world today who is a rising star. And it was just an episode, it’s finished, it’s over. We’re quite happy about this. No problem.”

The ball mastery that Caicedo shows on the soccer field is impressive. Just how far can Colombia go in the World Cup tournament.

Carli Lloyd call this Caicedo goal versus Germany the goal of the 2023 tournament so far. Telling her this is her stage to shine and take a bow. Rightly so, Caicedo earned player of the game honors.