Lionel Messi Playing Goalkeeper

Messi playing keeper: After scoring goal after goal against everyone and anybody in La Liga, it’s no wonder Lionel Messi wants to play goalkeeper for a little bit. You never know when Barcelona might need an emergency goalkeeper if their regular keepers are injured. Messi seems a bit bored these days, dribbling through defenders, setting up teammates only to see them miss. The above picture is of course from a soccer video game, with Messi making the game winning save in a penalty shootout…but it could happen.

Goalkeepers on the Ground After Lionel Messi Has Scored

Messi needs and wants a new challenge. Just look at this save by the little genius. He’d sure be good with the soccer ball at his feet too, wouldn’t have to worthy about playing the ball back to him.

Now we know who can replace Victor Valdes if there’s an injury. However, I’m guessing Pep Guardiola would take a lot of heat if God forbid Messi got injured messing around in the goal like this during a Barcelona training session. Don’t think we’ll see too many more pictures like this of Messi making a diving save…the hand of God.

Here’s a real picture of Lionel Messi playing goalkeeper during a Barcelona training session.

Carlos Puyol tweeted the photo of Messi making the save and said that it was real and not fake. I trust Puyol, he wouldn’t send out a doctored picture…right. I guess Messi got bored in training beating everyone on the dribble and scoring at will so he stepped into goal for a while. Imagine Messi playing keeper in a penalty shootout or Messi as a sweeper keeper!

Someday there will be a goalkeeper who’s incredible with the soccer ball at their feet and will dribble the length of the soccer pitch and score. I’m sure the famous sweeper keeper Manuel Neuer thinks he can do it.