Lionel Messi Scoop Move

This Atletico Madrid defender should know better. Never dive in or slide and try to take the ball from Lionel Messi. Young soccer players, add this Messi scoop move trick to your game.

Messi has a habit of embarrassing defenders and making them look silly when they dive in. Just a genius scoop of the soccer ball up and over the sliding defender. Don’t take Messi for granted. One day he will be gone from football and we won’t get to see his brilliance anymore.

Reminds me somewhat too of Messi’s flick over Evra. Messi has a tendency to fool you if you get too close.

I mean come on, when he’s near the touchline you don’t try to slide tackle him. But I understand, I’m sure defenders have been frustrated for ages trying to stop Messi in La Liga and they think they have a chance to take a piece of him they go for it.