Lionel Messi’s Eyes Are NOT Normal

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Messi Cutting Pass - Vision on the Field

How do describe the vision Lionel Messi has on the soccer field? Messi is always scanning the field, looking the player making the most decisive run that will lead to a goal for Barcelona. And if the ball is on his left foot, which it usually is, he’ll pick out that player making the run with a killer pass.

What’s more, Messi sprays around passes that are high, low, bending, and or driven right to the foot of his teammate and so they don’t have to break stride. Yes, Messi’s passing is an art. Messi’s vision is incredible. Yes, Messi’s eyes are not normal. Pep Guardiola said Messi was always scanning the field for players who were open.

And that’s why Messi holds the record as La Liga as the top assist provider ever with 183. Barcelona legend Xavi is second with 128. When his career is done, that number will be well over 200 at least. Watch Lionel Messi’s vision on the soccer field and how he’s able to pick out the pass.

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