Lionel Messi’s Genius Stillness

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Messi Stillness

I loved when Messi would stand still for a few seconds and then blow past the defender. It sort of falls in line with his philosophy of walking and conserving energy or more so just playing the game of soccer in the most efficient way possible.

The defender inches closer and closer to Messi trying to get Messi to do something with the ball but he holds still. The defender creeps in closer and makes the mistake of lifting his foot up and trying to win the ball and that’s when Messi is gone.

The stillness though is genius. One second he’s a statue and the next he’s gone. It must be tortuous for defenders and embarrassing, how Messi teases and tempts the defenders to dive in and try to take the soccer ball of his magical left foot. Good luck.

You might have to click over to YouTube to watch this Messi stillness skill but it’s worth it. Messi freezes for a few seconds and then with a burst of speed, a change of pace, he is gone.

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