Raphinha Spinning Back Heel Nutmeg

Leeds’ Raphinha pulls off a back heel clever nutmeg. It’s a FIFA video game type trick. What do you even call this soccer move. A spinning back heel nutmeg. It’s certainly Neymar like. Surely Neymar has pulled this move off in a game, right. Like Neymar, Raphinha wears his socks well up and over his knees too. Poor Gary Cahill gets destroyed. Fortunately Cahill grabs on to Raphinha outside the penalty box otherwise it was surely a penalty kick.

Kids, yes, this is where you can try all your soccer tricks, in the attacking third where the risks are low in hurting your team and the rewards high. Go for it. Try that Raphinha like soccer trick near the goal. You might be the defender, you might draw a penalty or you might just earn a corner kick as the ball deflects off the defender.