Little Girl Has Soccer Skills!

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Little Girl Skills

First the little girl embarrasses a kid wearing a Real Madrid jersey with a perfectly timed pull back. Then she dribbles between two kids wearing Juventus jerseys like nothing. And she shields the soccer ball away from the one of the Juventus jersey wearing kids trying to win the ball and uses a sole of the foot turn to get away.

She’s confident and strong on the soccer ball. She’s the new Marta. She’s the new Megan Rapinoe. She’s the new Carli Lloyd. Sign her up already.  Where did she learn to play soccer. Who’s her youth soccer coach who helped her develop these soccer skills. What jersey is she wearing, can’t quite make it out…?

Update: This is not a little girl but 6 year old Arat. He also appears to have Cristiano Ronaldo like stomach muscles. I hope they don’t put too much pressure on Arat though, let him have fun playing soccer as he grows up!

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