Liverpool’s Thiago with an Incredible Half Volley

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Liverpool's Thiago with an Incredible Half Volley

The Thiago goal versus Porto: It’s been said that Liverpool’s Thiago stunning half volley goal versus Porto will be studied in physics classes in the future. It’s such a beautifully clean strike and appears to at first go downwards and then rise up as it goes through the legs of a Porto defender before it hits the back of the net. Commenters on YouTube are saying the soccer ball went into the goal like a frisbee or a drone with so much back spin on it. It is mesmerizing to watch. And Thiago knew right away what he’d done. How he’d hit it perfectly.

Watch Thiago’s stunning half volley in the video below. Does the soccer ball touch a blade of grass before it hits the net? Who is the Porto defender with his arms behind his back who gets nutmegged on the Thiago goal? He actually tries to close his legs at the last second.

Floating, gliding just off the ground. It’s really hard to describe how the soccer ball moves in the air after Thiago hits it. Watch how Thiago lines up to strike the ball, adjusts his feet to smash it downwards. Really, the Thiago goal is one you dream about. I’m sure has scored one like this in his dreams and now it’s a reality for him.

“Whoever sees Thiago in training knows he has the technique to do it but even with this technique it doesn’t happen constantly that he can fire such a thunderball,” Klopp said post-match.

Perhaps most famously, Thiago likes to pass the ball back and forth in the air with teammates during training sessions with Spain. As in like forty yards away juggling the ball back and forth. Long distance juggling you might call it.

Surely, this goal by Thiago for Liverpool against Porto in the Champions League, will give him a boost of confidence. Really start to settle in at Liverpool and score and create more goals for the club.

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