Luiz Diaz Heel Control

Before Luiz Diaz did this heel control trick Neymar did it. The Colombian attacker for Liverpool stole Neymar’s move! Yes, Neymar perfected the heel control trick when he played for Barcelona. You’d have to say though that Diaz might even being doing this heel control trick better than Neymar. Diaz seems to get more height on his jump before he controls the soccer ball with his heel. Just beautiful to watch this trick performed in a real game.

In fact Diaz wears the number 23, wonder if this is honor of Michael Jordan. Maybe the new JumpMan image could be this Diaz heel trick.

Sure, it might not have much utility or it’s not necessary. But it makes the game fun. Juggling the soccer ball and trying new things makes you a better player overall. Yes, there’s a right place and time for doing these types of tricks in games but it often lifts the team when a players pulls a trick like this off.

Has Neymar weighed in on Luiz Diaz doing his heel control move? Did Neymar say Diaz could use his heel to control the soccer ball like this!

You’re feeling confident as a soccer player if you’re doing this heel control trick. And Liverpool’s Diaz is feeling very confident these days. What a signing he’s turned out to be for Klopp and Liverpool. Diaz goes right at defenders, which they hate. This create havoc for defenses and opens up chances for others to score.

Here’s what Diaz said about Klopp and playing for Liverpool:

“Of course, it’s just obvious what a great institution this club is and how much quality it has, too. So I always tried to come and sign for the club.

“The manager? Incredible! That’s a single word you can use for him from the short time we’ve spent working together.

“He’s a very humble, down-to-earth person, very calm. He tries to ensure all his players are happy, and for me that’s very important.”