Manchester United’s Phil Jones Head Tackle

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Phil Jones Head Tackle

Jones head tackle. This is amazing. Manchester United defender Phil Jones with the head tackle to prevent a goal. Give Jones some credit here for sacrificing his head for Manchester United! Jones heads the soccer ball off of Arsenal’s Olivier Giroud for a goal kick instead of a potential goal. Yes, Jones was out of position so he had to make up for it but how often have you seen a player head tackle the ball…Jones could have easily been kicked in the head by Giroud if Jones missed time it.

Sure, Jones makes plenty of mistakes for Manchester, and isn’t the most beloved player on the team by the fans, but he plays with a heart and passion and was willing to risk getting kicked in the head by Giroud on this play.

“Where others bring lassitude, Jones brings commitment. Where others lie back, Jones flies in. Where others, finding themselves on all fours chasing Olivier Giroud, might think to themselves, “Ah well, it’s only Olivier Giroud, he’ll almost certainly shank this wide and then do that staggeringly irritating ‘oh, look at me, I just shanked the ball wide, what am I like?’ grin,” Jones does this:  The 9 phases of Phil Jones’ amazing head tackle.”

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