Mario Balotelli Thousand Step Overs Rabona Goal

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Mario Balotelli Rabona Goal

Mario Balotelli rabona goal after doing a thousand step overs. Well, maybe not a thousand but a lot of step overs. And Balotelli did the step overs so fast it’s hard to count how many he did. The poor defender was sort of mesmerized by the step overs and the goalkeeper had no chance stopping the rabona.

Usually you’ll see the rare rabona used when crossing the ball. Angel Di Maria being the master of it. Yet Mario Balotelli rabona came right in front of goal. Balotelli of course one an English Premier League title with Manchester City. It was his slide return pass to Aguero off a give and go that enabled him to score his famous title clinching goal. And then Balotelli’s downfall at Manchester City came as he did stuff like the trick move heel shot.

There are times in soccer when showing off is ok. There are times when doing the unexpected or the trick or the rabona is the right thing to do. One has to pull it off though or it can otherwise be quite embarrassing!

Balotelli quote: “When I score I don’t celebrate, its my job, does a postman celebrate when he delivers post?”

Balotelli is playing for Adana Demirspor in Turkey and still scoring amazing goals. The former Liverpool and Manchester City striker is 31 years old now but hasn’t lost a step. Yes, while the Turkish league isn’t as high as level as the English Premier League, surely there are some teams that would still pay for Balotelli’s services and his ability to score goals.

People forget sometimes just how good Balotelli still is. Perhaps all the attention at such a younger age made him a bit volatile and hard to manage but what he can do on the soccer field sometimes is incredible. See Mario Balotelli rabona in the video below.

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