Silva Drinking Mystery Drink

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Silva Mystery Drink

At nearly 38 years old maybe Thiago Silva needs a magical drink to keep performing at his best? The Chelsea defender came on at halftime and downed some kind of mystery drink. Reminds me of when Erling Haalands was drinking that mystery beverage and made that face.

Not sure who the Chelsea assistant is or the trainer who is giving Silva his drink. It all appeared to be a bit rushed too. Not sure Silva was really planning on playing in the game. But Andreas Christensen’s woefully under-hit back-pass that led to the Arsenal goal perhaps led to Christensen being replaced by Silva at the half.

Silva Drink Before Entering Game

These days in world football it’s not uncommon to see players drinking some special drink before playing or after. Usually players receive a couple drinks when they come off the field to restore their energy. And these are drinks specific to their nutritional needs. I see this often with the United States national team during World Cup qualifying when they’re playing multiple games over a few weeks. They’re often given a protein like shake post game.

You’d think maybe Silva might just use some smelling salt before coming on to the field. Seems like the drink doesn’t taste that great either. Silva has to kind of force it down and the trainer or Chelsea looks on with concern.

Silva Drink Taste

Silva wipes his mouth and face after drinking the mystery drink.

Silva Wipes Face

But he’s a veteran player. He knows what he’s doing. I just wish Silva would stop defending with his arms behind his back.

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