Messi Bodyguard for Inter Miami

Messi bodyguard for Inter Miami. Yes, Messi has a bodyguard off the field, but he’s it for his team on it. Messi is the Miami team enforcer, really. But he doesn’t have to kick people. He just gives him a look.

I would melt if Messi looked at me like this. It is like he is looking at you like one of the super heroes he is imitating in his goal celebrations him and his boys have come up with.

I’d just collapse in apologizes. Maybe take off my shin guards and cleats and make way for the sidelines to sub myself out.

Again, while it’s true Inter Miami has paid for a bodyguard for Messi, it is Messi who acts as security for his team on the field. If one of his teammates is kicked or even disrespected in some way, who is going to appear right away and get in your face a little bit? The best to ever play is.

Watch Messi stare down midfielder Jose Martinez of the Philadelphia Union. Messi stepped up for his teamamte Noah Allen late in the game.

What a joy it must be to play with Messi. I wonder how teams will try to contain Messi going forward now that they see he didn’t come to America for a vacation. He still plays games like their World Cup matches. I joked in the past that there should have been a rule he could only score with his right. But he’s done that twice I think so far for Miami.

While Messi is security so to speak for his team, they aren’t not afraid to not pass to him. Yes, Messi will come get the ball off of players directly, but he’s happy to see other players create.

It is interesting to see Messi’s Inter Miami teammates not pass to him. I mean when he is open and they could just play the ball to him. Defer to him. Which why not. He sees passes others don’t. He is the best player in the world after all.

But on this play Robert Taylor doesn’t past Messi the ball when he could. While Messi isn’t in an ideal spot, he is sort of asking for the ball or at least offering himself to receive the ball. instead, Taylor keeps the ball at his feet and goes forward on the dribble. And finds Alba with a through ball which Alba scores for his first goal for Inter Miami. See it in the video below.

It surely says a lot about Messi. The not passing to him part. While he could of course demand the ball when he wants it. And I’m sure he does. He also knows how to bring players into the team and make them feel comfortable. Which is funny because Messi is the knew player.

Also, is says a lot about Taylor. Who is maybe now instilled with more confidence since he started playing with Messi and scoring and assisting more himself. If Messi’s presence was one of weight and pressure, his teammates might defer to him more and it just wouldn’t work. There would be no free flowing style of play that you see from Miami now. Taylor wouldn’t be going on a dribbling run and slotting a ball to Alba.

At Barcelona, people would complain or wonder why Messi seemed to walk around on the pitch. He was just waiting for his moment. Why waste energy! But I think Messi now just being on the field creates an energy and pressure and fear for opposing teams. And confidence for his. He will rush over a stare down an opposing player if they kick one of his. He will offer support and an outlet if you need one, but he won’t get upset if you try to do your own thing and pull it off. Actually, I think he’ll encourager you to take your chance.

It will be fun to watch him in the MLS. Apple TV must be incredibly happy with their new ambassador.