Messi Cross to Campana

Lionel Messi with the perfect cross to Leo Campana to tie the game in the 97th minute for Inter Miami. I’m sure even Sergio Busquets is jealous of this cross by Messi.

FC Cincinnati defender Alvas Powell tries to jump and get a piece of the cross by Messi. However, the ball is a bit too high and hit with too much pace. It really is an amazing to see the trajectory of the ball whip up and down into the path of Campana to basically walk under and head home.

Watch Lionel Messi and Leonardo Campana hook up again in the final minutes to tie Inter Miami’s U.S. Open Cup semifinal match against FC Cincinnati.

If you watch this Messi cross to Campana play closely it’s Messi first touch away from him that sets himself up to whip the ball into Campana.

And he takes a look into the box too. Not once but twice before the cross. Yet all the FC Cincinnati defenders are sort of just content to keep Messi in front of them. When things are calm with Messi that’s when you worry. And especially if the ball his on his left foot. Messi has too much time to look and find Campana in the box.

Perhaps since he’s so far out and away from goal and he can’t shoot himself and score the Cincinnati defenders aren’t too worried. No Cincinnati defender rushes to force Messi to put his head down or think. And there are two very nearby. Someone has to brush up against Messi and throw him off at least.

But Messi does shoot in a sense. He whips the soccer ball in to the far post to Campana perfectly. It was the easiest header Campana has ever scored I’m sure. You’d have to say it is a good run by Campana to realize Messi could put the ball into him from way out wide like that.

Messi cross to Campana in slow motion.

One thing that stands out the past few weeks about Messi, if it wasn’t clear already, is he loves to play and always wants to win. His desire and will to compete are second to none.

I think this goal by Campana along with the other will help him forget his open goal miss once and for all.

Finally, this video really shows what an incredible pass it was by Messi. How the ball lofts up in the air and down to Campana. As they say, Messi put it on a plate for Campana to score.