Messi Nutmegs Sterling

Paris Saint-Germain’s Lionel Messi nutmegs Manchester City’s Raheem Sterling in the center of the park. What stands out though is the roar of the crowd after the Messi nutmeg on Sterling. The game is being playing in England, at Manchester City’s the Etihad Stadium. It’s also a UEFA Champions League match too. Not some friendly game.

Sterling really kicks out too, as in he thinks he’s going to win the ball off  of Messi and swings wildly. But if you’re going to get nutmegged by someone it might as well be Messi, right. And I don’t think this nutmeg was as bad as the one Messi did on Sterling’s England teammate James Milner.

Watch as Messi nutmegs Sterling in the center of the field. Does Sterling think he has Messi trapped and he’s going to win the ball! I wonder if Sterling just goes for it and tries to win the ball since he’s in the center of the pitch and could have a chance at a counter attack on Paris Saint-Germain if he wins the ball.

And really, at this stage of Messi’s amazing soccer career, who has he nutmegged? Still though, the Messi nutmeg on Sterling stands out since it’s in the center of the soccer field and Sterling is rushing at him. Another view of the nutmeg:

Honestly though, it’s an honor to be nutmegged by Messi! I mean it’s an honor to be on the same field as him, right. I’m sure Sterling doesn’t even care about getting nutmegged by Messi.