Messi Can Play Defense, Too

Messi plays defense? Yes. Messi scores goals but he also helps stop them. We all know Lionel Messi knows how to dribble the soccer ball and cut through opposing defenses, embarrassing them even, as they chase him, kick him and nearly fall over trying to stop him. But Messi knows a think or two about playing defense as well.

Watch the greatest soccer player in the world fight to win the ball back on defense. If your best player shows that kind of spirit and fight, you know it’s going to spread to the rest of the team. It’s no wonder that Barcelona are so good. I’m sure Messi defending inspires his team overall.

Watch Messi chase back and help defend and win the soccer ball for his team. Sometimes Messi wins the ball and then immediately beats a defender on the dribble with a quick touch or cut.

What’s fun about Messi’s playing style on offense, is he appears to walk around the soccer pitch at times. Really though, he’s always watching and waiting for that right moment to attack. Messi always wants the ball but he also knows how to make space for himself and his Barcelona teammates, so he drags defenders away sometimes by just walking out wide.

Pep Guardiol on Messi’s love for the game of football: “I hope future players learn from him in the way that I learned from his love for the game. There wasn’t a single day went by when I didn’t see him enjoy it. There would be a friendly and he would play. When he was injured, he would play, or he would do everything to be back soon. He is the most amateur player I know, and at the same time the most professional player too, such is his love for football.”