Lionel Messi’s Free Kick Versus Real Madrid

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Messi Free Kick

Problem solved, Messi has become a master free kick specialist for Real Madrid. It’s going to get scary if Messi starts bending in free kicks on a regular basis as he does in the video below versus Real Madrid. Watch as Messi whips the soccer ball into the upper corner from around 35 yards out. He makes it look easy in fact from a long ways out.

If you could say Barcelona’s has one weakness or chink in their armor it’s lacking a free kick specialist. I think that’s no longer a weakness or something they’re lacking.

Real Madrid versus Barcelona on the 29th of August of 2012. Losing two to zero Barcelona gain an advantage when Alonso clumsily challenges Xavi and Messi steps up to unleash a curling free kick which is pretty much unstoppable. Great goal from a truly sublime football player. Take a look at Messi’s free kick versus Real Madrid.

Hopefully though PSG doesn’t make Messi lie down behind the wall when others are taking free kicks against PSG!

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