Lionel Messi Should Have Worn His New Barcelona Away Jersey to Iniesta’s Wedding

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I think Lionel Messi should have worn Barcelona’s new away jersey to Andres Iniesta’s wedding instead of that grayish/white suit. You know, their new orange and yellow jerseys that blend together and look like a Popsicle you might select from the ice cream man that comes around your neighborhood.

I think the jersey would have matched his girlfriend Antonella Roccuzzo’s dress a bit more. Plus, he’d be ready to play if a game broke out all of a sudden. You know Xavi and Pujol wore their jerseys under their tuxedos, just in case.

It would have been a nice color combo with the Barcelona away jersey, don’t you think? Or, better yet, Nike could have made a suit in the same colors.

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