Miss Universe Exhibition Soccer Match

Yes, some of the most beautiful women in the world can play soccer. Sort of. Miss USA should have let Alex Morgan sneak on to the team and play in her place. In the picture below, Miss Costa Rica, Johanna Solano, dribbles past two contestants in the Miss Universe exhibition soccer match in Sao Paulo, Brazil.

Can’t quite make out what kind of soccer cleats she’s wearing though. They almost seem more like tennis shoes than cleats. If you’re that good and that good looking you can wear whatever soccer shoes you want – and a pageant sash as well. What if Carlos Tevez started wearing a sash along with his snood for Manchester City?

This year, what with the pageant being held in Brazil and all, they’re having the usual swimsuit and evening gown wear parts of the competition but have added in a soccer juggling challenge for all the contestants. Ronaldinho is set to act as judge. The score will be based on tricks as well as the number of times the contestants can juggle the ball.

Pre-game stretching is very important. Robinho offered to fly in from Italy and lead the team through a series stretches. Cafu said he’d handle it. Of course, Miss Brazil knows how to play the game. However, it looks like Miss Mexico is going to catch her and take her out with a slide tackle.

Is this a new Coerver move we don’t know about? It looks like Miss Canada tries to strike the ball with both feet at the same time. She said she thought that was what you were supposed to do. Miss Australia just laughed at her. Legendary AC Milan and Brazilian defender, Cafu, signs a jersey and poses with Miss Brazil after the match. Why not.