Move Like Lionel Messi

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Everyone is well aware of Lionel Messi’s incredible dribbling ability, how he doesn’t do a bunch of step overs or fancy tricks, but just keeps the soccer ball tethered to his foot and cuts inside out and past defenders, but he also moves his body to beat players. Ducks his shoulder or feints one way and goes the other – all in the blink of an eye while he’s dribbling or shielding the ball away from a defender.It’s just that he moves his body so fast that you almost miss it unless you take a closer look. Messi drops a shoulder or shifts his body to the left and then takes off in a blink of the eye. One minute he’s going one way and then in the next he’s spinning around the other.For defenders, stopping Messi is like trying to grab a fish out of the water. Take a look at the video below. Messi just doesn’t go down or dive…watch.

The genius of Messi is his close control; with every step he dribbles the ball so the ball never gets too far away from him. Yet along with his perfect technical ability on the ball he can shift and move his body around the ball to shield it and protect it and to just generally throw defenders off. He must be a nightmare to try to stop.

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