Nash Invests in Women’s Soccer League

In twenty years time there will be a solid women’s soccer league, there’s no doubt.  Soccer is just a sport that pulls you in, and women’s soccer just needs a bit of a push to get started. Steve Nash, with two young girls of his own, who will grow up playing two sports I’m sure, soccer and basketball, has put money towards the new women’s league.

Before Nash became a two-time NBA MVP, he won the British Columbia soccer MVP award while in high school. His college days were spent at longtime women’s soccer power Santa Clara.

“I think it will have ripple effects for a long time,” Nash said. “I’m looking forward to it getting off the ground. I want to be a big fan and hopefully watch them not only entertain but inspire lots of young girls and kids in general.”

Nash comes from a soccer family. His father, John, played professionally in South Africa, and his sister, Joann, was the captain of the University of Victoria soccer team. His brother, Martin, plays professionally for the USL First Division’s Vancouver Whitecaps.

As the father of 3-year-old twin girls, Nash wants to help the growth of women’s soccer in his adopted country. The investment from Nash and Mallett will fund the ongoing development of the league and is specifically earmarked for new media ventures and initiatives.

Nash is an avid soccer fan of course. And can play as well.