Neymar Double Give & Go

Neymar double give and go: It wasn’t some header coming off a cross or a deflected shot going in. No, if Neymar is going to score for Brazil in the run of play in the World Cup it has to be a beautiful goal.

And so Neymar scores for Brazil after not one give and go but two. A give and go at the top of the box and then another one right after. Two walls passes and Neymar rounds the Croatian keeper and smashes the ball in the net.

A beautiful team goal from Brazil, with Neymar starting and finishing it. From the NY Times:

“He seemed to drag that ball toward the goal through sheer force of will, splitting the defense, rounding the goalkeeper, shooting over one last defender. Teeth bared, he sprints to the corner, where his entire team meets him. The relief inside Education City, at least from the Brazilian set, is palpable.”

It’s really a shame that Neymar has to go out of the World Cup tournament after scoring a goal like this. Croatia though never gave up and fought hard until the end. Soccer and more so penalty kicks are just cruel sometimes.

See Neymar’s double give and go in the video below. First Rodrygo lays the ball back to Neymar and then Pedro.

Neymar got unleashed and scored for Brazil against Croatia during the first half of extra time in the 2022 FIFA World Cup. Sadly, this might just be the last time Neymar plays a World Cup.