Neymar Given Yellow Card for Rainbow Flick

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Neymar Rainbow Flick

Is doing a rainbow flick in a game showboating? Towards the end of the game, Neymar is given a yellow card for doing a rainbow flick. The referee claimed that Neymar was showboating.

It’s a shame that the referee took this stance and gave Neymar a yellow card. If he really wanted Neymar to give the other team a break and not embarrass them, let’s say, he could have just spoken to Neymar calmly. But the game of football / soccer is all about tricks and moves and Ginga, just what Neymar brings to the game. Players like Neymar should be protected and applauded for their unique soccer skills. If Neymar wants to do a rainbow flick in the corner to escape pressure then he should be able to.


Neymar has done these rainbow flicks his whole soccer career. It’s who he is. He has upset opposing teams before though. When Neymar played for Barcelona he did a rainbow flick towards the end of the game and upset the opposing players.

Paris Saint-Germain beat Montpellier the game 5-0. Montpellier played most of the game though with ten men. And then towards then end of the game Montpellier received another red card so they played with nine men. Perhaps this is why the referee was so upset at Neymar and claimed he was showboating – the Montpellier team was down two players and he thought Neymar was over doing it.

Neymar plays with a certain style and desire to do the unexpected. In England, in the English Premier League, would Neymar get away with this kind of tricks and skills? Would defenders lash out at Neymar if he tried to pull off a rainbow flick….?

I do understand there’s a level of respect that should be shown other teams if they are winning by a number of goals and the game is essentially over. In the run of a normal game though, you want Neymar and soccer players like him to pull out as many tricks and skills as possible.

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