Lionel Messi Through Ball to Ansu Fati

In soccer, what does weight of the pass mean? The greatest player ever to play the game gives you a lesson not just on the weight of the pass but seeing the field, always keeping your head up and looking for that killer pass. And Messi’s left foot is god like, force him to use his right foot. I know, almost impossible.

The weight of the pass on this through by Lionel Messi is perfect. The soccer ball nearly stops cold at the feet of Ansu Fati. It’s like there were those odd sweepers using those special brooms to furiously sweep down the grass instead of the ice so the soccer ball frictionlessly travels to just the right spot at the feet of the new young Barcelona savior, Fati. The weight of the pass is so precise that Fati doesn’t have to break stride, with the ball resting to a stop on his front foot.

Barcelona take over the 3 points as Levante reacted a little too late to try and snatch a draw at the very least. Messi and Ansu Fati keep on developing their connection. I wonder if we’ll see Messi and Fati sharing a mate tea before games like Messi and Suarez used to do? Or perhaps, Fati and Messi are already drinking mate before games, seems so by the way they’re finding one another on the soccer pitch.

Of course, Messi makes laser through ball passes like this all the time. The trick is so stop Messi from using his left foot – easier said than done.