Neymar Nutmeg Versus Istanbul Basaksehir

Defenders, never come square on to an attacking player. Defenders, when facing off with Neymar, never open your legs so wide that Neymar could drive his Maserati through it if he wanted. At least make Neymar’s attempt to dribble past you a bit harder. Please don’t let him nutmeg you so easily.

It’s too much for Neymar to resist, seeing such an opportunity to nutmeg someone. Yet it all happens so quickly. In a blink of an eye the soccer ball is through the legs and the ball is in the back of the net. A lovely whipped in ball giving the keeper no chance.

How many professional football players has Neymar nutmegged in his soccer career? The count is rising. Surely Messi has the most nutmegs, right. It is Istanbul Basaksehir defender Carlos Ponck who tries to close down Neymar and gets nutmegged. Don’t feel too bad Ponck, even the best of defenders have suffered a similar fate.

It’s turning out that Paris Saint Germain were very wise to sign Neymar and Barcelona are wising he never left.