How Much Is Neymar’s Buyout Clause?

How much is Neymar’s buyout clause at Barcelona? Let’s just say it’s a lot of money!

Supposedly, Neymar’s buyout clause at Barcelona is close to $260 million. Yes, a quarter of a billion dollars. And it’s said that PSG are set to pay that insane amount of money to Barcelona to sign the Brazilian star.

If you dig a bit deeper, you can see why Neymar wants to leave Barcelona. I’m sure he’s happy in Spain, loves playing the Tiki Taka style, but at PSG he’ll link up with other Brazilian players, as Dani Alves is now there, as well as Thiago Silva and Lucas Moura. Plus there’s the chance to become the main star of the team and make an incredible amount of money.

But who knows if the deal for Neymar will actually go through in the end. That’s a lot of money for one soccer player, even if it’s Neymar.

It will be sad to see the breakup of Messi, Suarez and Neymar at Barcelona, as the three were developing a nearly telepathic understanding of one another on the soccer field, with quick give and goes and through balls – and which at times was so good that it didn’t seem fair to other teams in La Liga.

Such is the business of soccer. Players move on and teams are broken up. Neymar is just 25 years old, he’s still not even in the prime of his career one might say, if you can believe that.

Are PSG a stable team though? It seems like they are constantly changing the core group of players in their team. Whereas at Barcelona, Neymar would be able to play with Messi for years to come.

While the buyout clause is huge, at nearly $260 million, it’s nowhere near the buyout clauses for Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo.