One Versus One Soccer Training

What makes a soccer player stand out is their ability to beat players one versus one. Taking players on is a skill that every player should learn how to do, whether they play forward or defense. One versus one soccer drills are a good way to work on your fitness and you skills. In the video below they use a keeper, but you can just setup a small goal or two cones and have the players go at one another one versus one.

Talk about a workout. Playing one versus one is incredibly hard for a long period of time – there are no breaks. And you’re constantly using the ball at your foot on attack.

The constant action of both offense and defense will help build up ones stamina and overall fitness. Notice how the players on offense drive at the defenders, and the good defenders don’t dive in but hold their ground.

Ensure you have an arsenal of skills to dribble past any defender thanks to this Coerver Coaching soccer drill: