Cristiano Ronaldo Bloody Shin

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I wonder if Cristiano Ronaldo will wear some bigger shin guards in the next game. Ronaldo suffered a deep gash in the game versus Everton. Actually looks like someone’s studs put two holes in Ronaldo’s shin. I think it happened at the very end of the game. When Everton keeper Jordan Pickford went to win the ball against Ronaldo.

See Ronaldo’s bloody shin injury in the video below.

There was no intent by Pickford to hurt Ronaldo or anything though. And it was Pickford who really enabled Everton to win the game as he made numerous key saves early in the first half.

As far as Ronaldo’s bloody shin, it most likely won’t keep him out of any games but it looks incredibly painful.

Not the first time Ronaldo has been bloodied of course.

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