MLS: Own Goal of the Year

I’m torn a bit in even posting this. It’s such a nightmare for the player and I can’t really imagine going through something like this. But we’ll show this as a lesson for others: know where your keeper is before you head the ball back to them.

Riley was trying to do the right thing. He wanted to make sure it got to Cannon – just put too much on it and Cannon was coming out at the same time.


Yeah, and I know the season just started, but were going to go ahead and hand the trophy to James Riley of the San Jose Earthquakes as the recipient of the own goal of the year. A miscommunication and a bit too much mustard on this header and he’s got the own goal of the year in the bag.

In terms of importance though, he’s got nothing on Liverpool’s Riise.

San Jose is going to have a tough time getting out from under two tough losses in a row, and they play Houston next week in a sort of divorced family of a game.

His replacement in this game, Shea Salinas, just might have the biggest miss of the year too. That was in their home opener against Chicago.

However, what I like about Yallop is he stands by his players and they might just unite as the year goes on and come through and make the playoffs. I’m all for the underdog and with a couple wins this team could build up some confidence. That’s all most teams need – it’s all about putting a few wins together and suddenly your a good team again in the MLS.

Riley’s just has to move on now. It’s easier said than done, but the common refrain is that the best judge of character is when something goes wrong, how do those players respond. Or, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger. I don’t think that Riley will have a problem overcoming this mistake. He seems like a good professional. It’s a tough go for the player though, as this goal comes against his former team.

Riley is a hard worker and gets down the line well for an outside defender – let’s hope he has a chance to redeem himself next week against Houston. And he can take heart; it happens to the best of them, just ask Riise how he feels, as his own goal essentially put Liverpool out of the Champions League final.