Pep Guardiola Supports Jack Grealish

This is why players like to play for Pep Guardiola. He wants players to be themselves. And it’s Guardiola’s support and encouragement, and maybe even faith you might say, why his players produce for him. Grealish went out and scored a goal after this message from Guardiola. I think the support from the coach or manager is crucial for all players, but perhaps even more so for creative players like Grealish. Who is a player who takes defenders on and creates chances for his team.

From ESPN:

“I’m delighted with his behavior and everything. I want to make goals and I want to make assists and he does too. But it’s not about that.

“All the time we ask them to be themselves, don’t think to be what the people expect you to be. Be yourself, as a person and especially as a football player, and this has to be your only concern.”

I think Guardiola truly believes this too. He’s not just saying it. He wants his players and Grealish to be themselves on the football field.

When you play Aston Villa roughly $115 million for Grealish there’s going to be some pressure on him to score goals. They will come though. Especially with the support and faith from Guardiola.

Grealish just happened to go out and score in the first minute of the game against Wolves.