The Lowest Soccer Socks In All of Soccer: Jack Grealish

Aston Villa star Jack Grealish wears his socks low. While Neymar wears his socks high, Grealish prefers his soccer socks to remain low. And I mean very low, especially when compared to Neymar or Riyad Mahrez for that matter. But why does Grealish wear his socks so low….he has a somewhat reasonable explanation. And it has to do with his shin pads and just something he’s used to doing.

And there’s now talk that Manchester United appear set to sign Grealish. I wonder if he ends up at Manchester United he’ll stick with the low socks….

Jack Grealish was interviewed by BBC Radio after the match and answered the question all Irish football fans wanted to know – ‘Why do you wear your socks so low?’

‘It’s a superstition,’ he opined, ‘that I’ve done all my life and I’m going to keep it that way.’

In order to keep up with this childhood fashion trait, Grealish opts to wear junior-sized shin pads.

‘A few referees have tried telling me [not to] but I’ve got to keep it like that. I haven’t had a kick on my shin yet and hopefully not any time soon.’

Jack Grealish hits a majestic curler into the top corner to put Aston Villa in front against Manchester United at Old Trafford. Yes, you can see why United are interested in signing Grealish even with his low soccer socks and all. Grealish lulls you to sleep a bit one he dribbles with the ball, suckers defenders in, and then slips past them. Not sure what player he reminds me….he can bend and strike the ball like Beckham but dribbles the ball more. He was the most fouled player in the EPL last year.